August 3rd to 12th
@ Zatsman Sportsplex (Wyse Rd., Dartmouth)

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Shooting is arguably the most valuable skill to have in basketball. It is also the one skill that most athletes find challenging to execute consistently. As a result, we will run a camp that focuses solely on shooting (mechanics, timing, footwork, etc).  One of the main ways to get a consistent shot is through repetition, so the girls will be given the time to focus on the physical and mental pieces of shooting.  


Registration Options:

Athletes can register for full camp (6 sessions) or 3 sessions, athletes choice of dates.

Group #1 - girls going into grades 5 or 6 (5-7pm)

Group #2 - girls going into grades 7-9 (7-9pm)


Cost (includes t-shirt):


$110 for the full camp

$75 for 3 sessions

Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body

                                          - Lynn Jennings